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Affordable Living
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Education is everlasting  -  so we need to get it right

The diversity in education around the world is quite vast, and it all costs no matter where it's located.

Those costs can be dramatically reduced for the schools, families and students with Deals processed with Outsourced Selling.

School suppliers from manufacturers, wholesalers to retailers can use Outsourced Selling to increase sales with the local schools and universities.

Schools can take the lead with the Bursar Angels program and list Deals ( services ) such as School fees, Student Loans ( new or existing ), books, uniforms, anything related to the schools overheads, even stock for the canteen or sports equipment.

ComTechX provides the global scale for schools, students and families to use Cloudfunding to build sustainable growth with help from the Global Crowd.

The major costs like School Loans and Fees are able to be listed by schools and universities tailored specifically for the particular costs, and with larger costs like Student Loans these are able to be bid for and purchased by students and families on a country by country and global scale in 'Deal' values that can be 'collected and stored' until needed.

For many students in higher education it often means that living away from home costs rely on needing a casual job, what the platform offers is the 'freelancer job' as an OMM that can provide a direct link to businesses in the local area that have products and services the student may need such as food, or as an OMM and as one of the Global Crowd they can earn money by being a 'virtual wholesaler', either way the time it takes to be an OMM can have a much greater 'productive result' for the time spent.

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