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The future in Online payments is here now
Online payments between buyers and sellers were not supposed to be so complicated
 -  payments should be simple, safe and fluent, just like local cash but on a global scale.

That's exactly how QwickP2P works  -  it's a simple Peer to Peer exchange that securely
moves Ownership of a neutral Universally Decentralized Capital between consumers and
businesses  -  and between local and national economies, without fees.

The flow between consumers and businesses with UDC is ubiquitous, seamless and free 
-  it's a true international unit of account linking users globally without spreads or charges.

It goes beyond AML and KYC policies by being able to track past and present movement
of value down to 14 decimal points across the world in real time, to safeguard all users.
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  Qwickp2P - Pay Here  
QwickPic helps sellers to make sales  -  QwickP2P.Online completes those sales using Pay It Forward, Now!

It's a P2P commerce payment system linking Offline to Online ( O2O ), for everyday things we buy  -  for free!

QwickP2P connects Buyers and Sellers with a digital trading currency that's backed by real Offline inventory

Universally Decentralized ( economic ) Capital has an intrinsic value that differs to fiat and crypto-currencies

As a neutral Universally Decentralized Capital  -  UDC has a high security level that's trackable on a global scale

Allowing UDC to move freely between local economies while comparing values with local fiat cash, in real-time

Independent value of UDC is maintained by comparing the 'basket value' of all global currencies, in real-time

A stable value is held across the world of trade that's free of speculation, transfer fees and currency spreads

Constant Proof of Trust ( Value ) is gained when UDC is validated, allowing for world wide stable trading value

As an international trading unit, it only needs to compare values, leaving fiat currency values open to fluctuation

  UDC                UDC Symbol  

UDC opens up new markets across the world for sellers to trade, without currency spreads or incumbents

It gives sellers the way to Outsource the Selling at 100% list prices  -  and buyers pay prices as low as 20%

While Buyers have their accounts  -  Sellers have access to a Digital Sales Division for sales and payments

It's not only for global commerce with new goods and services - it's also for Used Items in QwickFlip

It brings Main Street brick and mortar stores Online, making them the new Places of Trust  -  Location Hubs

To guard against fraud, the platform does not hold the fiat currencies  -  the cash remains in local economies

   -  it securely monitors the exchange of ownership as the digital cash is exchanged in trade around the world

The platform is not a currency exchange  -  it has the commerce mechanics to authenticate trade exchanges

QwickP2P is a P2P commerce platform providing global contactless payments from fiat currency 2 digital cash

QwickPay is part of Global Chamber of Economies, it changes how global trade will operate in the digital era

Remittances become a natural part of global commerce, with no fees or fx margin spreads

As centralized systems fight fraud, QwickP2P's decentralized system secures payments at local Places of Trust.

Security between both buyer and seller is paramount, Pay Caddy provides the free secure escrow feature.

How?        . . . by building the Cloudfunding ecosystem with the Global Crowd

There are no bank accounts, no credit cards, no transfer fees and no foreign currency exchange fees!

Sellers pay no advertising or listing costs on QwickPic  -  and have a guarantee to get full 100% sales profits!

Sellers and Buyers can use QwickP2P mobile to send O2O, B2C, B2B and P2P payments world wide for free

Qwickp2P - Pay Here

To Pay It Forward, Now! with QwickP2P  -  'the buyer is paying for someone else's purchase that was previously made by the seller with another buyer, 'Pay It Forward, Now!' simply completes the store's normal commercial sales activity!'

Turn Back The Clock

Why is Pay It Forward, Now! needed?                                      -  see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow

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