DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!
'Location is everything!'
Businesses can now launch a Zip or Post Code
.  .  with naming rights and benefits as a partner
Listing Zip & Post Codes directly ignites local economies with genuine economic stimulus
.  .  as part of a totally new alliance of local economies!
    Businesses, or any other entity, can purchase Zip or Post Code Partnerships to have their name exposed to a global audience of consumers.

The various levels of Partnerships provide the naming rights for displaying their entity's name on the search Location over set periods of time.

With thousands of Zip and Post Codes listed around the world, a business or entity is able to select which locations suit their type of business exposure with their name being prominently displayed.

-  this is where a modern 'land grab' can give businesses a rapid exposure to a direct local consumer base that's constantly looking for product and service deals in that location, or it could be global users who are helping to generate productivity and are stakeholders in the local economy.

-  each Location NFToken is minted with the current Partners' name to recognize the Partnership

    Zip / Post Code Partnership Packages    
    Partnership Naming Rights:

Partners are invited to select from the number of Portfolio levels  -  each level corresponds with the maximum time allocated for the naming rights.

-  $5,000      .  .  2 weeks
-  $10,000    .  .  1 month
-  $25,000    .  .  3 months
-  $50,000
   .  .  6 months
-  $75,000
   .  .  9 months
-  $100,000  .  . 12 months

Partners are selected on maximum time and value for each Location.

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