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Strategy for Hotels and Motels to take back control
How?   By changing how to sell Bookings at affordable prices
    All operators of Hotel and Motel accommodation talk about the
squeeze that overseas travel agents have had on profits since
the OTAs, mainly Expedia and, have taken control
of the online room bookings  -  OTAs have built out an online
presence using mass advertising to make it nearly impossible for
individual operators, and even brand franchises, to complete at
marketing directly to the consumer  -  while the OTA's parity
pricing and discounting model restricts any type of free market

SODA - Subliminal Organically Distributed Advertising and Price
Demand disrupts that OTA's monopolistic model, by monetizing
and fully selling the booking offers at the full selling prices  - 
that's prior to giving guests the freedom to buy at prices they feel
are affordable, and want to pay  -  without it affecting the seller's
full selling prices, and without any hidden fees or commissions.
Global Distribution
    Outsourced Manufacturing was the main force in the 20th Century
that increased cheaper productivity so cheaper goods got into the
hands of consumers in many countries  -  now deep-reaching tech
can track and scale the economic value of product or service, and,
Outsource the Selling by monetizing the inventories at the full
selling prices, before the products or services are released to the
local buyers waiting for deals.

This 21st Century, technology and automation can bring together
a global consensus via interconnected local communities  -  it's a
decentralized and democratic economic engine where the global
networks of independent Open Market Makers - OMMs, can now
'play-to-earn' incomes while fully monetizing products and services
-  unlike centralized crypto-mining that burns a lot of electricity,
OMMs use simple logic and strategy to mint economic capital.
Global Consensis
    With economic value being the true value in Commerce, it makes
sense that tapping, collateralizing and monetizing the economic
value directly from the supply side of Commerce's mechanics, it
changes the leading catalyst from a debt-based to a productivity-
based system  -  now there's an economic engine that can track
and calculate the economic value so it scale and flow as true
validated capital  -  it's a paradigm shift in supply and demand's
dynamics  -  it removes the incumbents, so now there's a direct
exchange of products and services between sellers and buyers,
with a layman simple User Interface for everyday users

Automation of Commerce was inevitable, just as automation is
taking over the production of many products and services  -  but
having it operate serendipitously, affordably and profitably, it
ticks all the boxes for a level playing field for buyers and sellers
Economic Engine
                .  .  true price discovery!
    For operators and guests, all they want is a simple way to sell
room bookings and for someone to purchase a booking  -  this
all happens automatically when operators list rooms with dates
etc, it's a free service, there's no fees for marketing, payments
or any other hidden fees  -  what happens is the room bookings
are fully monetized through a global process that allocates and
escrows the full selling prices, ready for operators to release to
interested guests waiting on the platform.

With full selling prices secured, local buyers can then compete
for the rooms they're interested in by activating Price Demand,
that's where buyers can buy at any time while the buying price
cascades down to 20% of the full selling price  -  but once a deal
is activated, notifications get sent out to other interested buyers
and they too can compete at the price they want to pay
Payment Exchange
    Affordable prices for products and services is a universal need to
allow consumers to get the necessities to live  -  but with recent
events, consumer prices are forever rising, and it's not just due
to the immediate sellers but back along the supply chains.

Cloudfunding offers a new equilibrium between seller profitability
and consumer affordability by separating the seller's supply side
from the buyer's demand side of the market  -  allowing for the
selling price and buying price to simultaneously be recognized
via a secure protocol that's held on a globally recorded token.

When there's a successful buyer, a Receipt token is issued, its
QR code is then presented as verification on arrival for the full
escrowed selling price to be released, and ready to liquidate with
the local consumers wanting to add funds to their account
                .  .  helps solve revenue management!
    "Price trumps brand in hotel choice" says Expedia survey
"Unsurprisingly, price was by far the most influential driver of
hotel selection, as consumers prioritize value above all else
when allocating their travel budgets." says Expedia
". . discounting that represent a real value to the consumer is
an almost guaranteed way to get hotel shoppers' attention . ."
according to Expedia

OTAs have used their advertising power to grab the attention
of consumers, but without discounting an operator's profit, they
have little defense for their business model  -  that's where
subliminal advertising "turns the tables on OTAs" by grabbing a
consumers' attention via an opt-in notification of available rooms  
-  then giving consumers the chance to pay what they can afford,
without it affecting the hotelier's full list prices
    Local economies with various levels of productivity are now able
to be interconnected on a global platform like the way current
accounts operate tracking trade payments between countries
 -  it differs by using the economic value from local economies
to directly drive productivity across a wider number of local
economies using a network of decentralized market makers

Instead of fiat payments moving from a buyer's country to a
seller's country  -  the platform collects the seller's full payment
via micro economic value directly from hundreds even thousands
of independent market makers located around the world  -  the
buyer's payment, as part of the global aggregate demand is then
distributed to a deal's successful market makers, who in-turn
help distribute economic growth more evenly across countries
and local economies  -  creating an effervescent flow of trade
Balance of Payments
" .  .  there's no written rule that says buying prices must be at parity with selling prices!"
Fast-Track Partner Strategy  .  .  how to take back control
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