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Global Trade has come a long way since the 'Old Trade Route' times.                               1 / 1   next

Globalization has taken leaps and bounds from where it all started  -  is it time for the next step?

Every now and then there are revolutions that take place, which herald in an advanced change to how things all work, and it usually is formed around trade and commerce, with the ultimate goal of helping the standard of living.

There has been a revolution with the digital era that has fast tracked many areas of trade, improved the supply of goods.

One area that hasn't advanced in any major way in the digital era is how trading businesses settle their exchange of product for payment.

It's still cumbersome, slow and expensive, why, when it should be instant  -  we now live in the 'real time' but the process of exchanging goods and payment seems to be stuck in an older era, with too many fingers in the pie.

Global Trade doesn't always reflect the true supply and demand natural flow of the world's needs using today's market exchanges.

This is where Cloud Commerce disrupts tradition and begins carving out new trade networks that'll be more profitable and productive using Outsourced Selling to level the playing fields by giving more focus on Localization.

The Trade Routes of old will not be the same as those in the new digital era, for manufacturers and suppliers along the Supply Chain there's already been a major shift to selling online,

-  next for Cloud Commerce in global trade comes a scalable Digital Economy, helping to form the New Digital Trade Routes

New Digital Trade Routes will carve out their own routes, some will follow the old but some of the old will simply disappear and make way for new routes, it'll be a direct result of the disruption and change in how global commerce applies the digital connections

Stripping away the traditional costs to sell with no listing costs, no advertising costs, no transfer fees and no currency exchange fees, is an unprecedented business model that disrupts commerce and gives traders in these New Digital Trade Routes the foundation to move fast.

By changing the dynamics of trade by using Outsourced Selling, it means that manufacturing can be more profitable and secure on domestic soil with Localization, than to have manufacturing being done off-shore, it's the value that has driven manufacturing off-shore and not the convenience, or even the expertise  -  disrupt the value and globalization changes.

The disruption is already starting

Some early online pioneers are already disrupting traditional business with their own P2P business models, now with a Localization verses Globalization they'll be able to take full advantage of new trade routes being formed between the online and offline ( O2O ) businesses and industries.

The physical world has business models that don't look as though they could be changed, but with technology having fresh eyes and minds, it's able to look at these old models differently.

Basic services for living like healthcare and energy are just two industries where disruption will make a profound difference with new trade routes formed to make these types of services more affordable to more people

-  like the cost of going to the doctor or energy bills will be far more affordable at 20% of the normal cost.

-  like making the cost of basic medicines and pharmaceuticals multiply their reach with lower costs.

Cloud Commerce provides the mechanics for products and services to sell high and buy low, while the New Scalable Economy is able to support the bright minds in technology who will develop the systems needed to build out the New Digital Trade Routes into the future.

Current industries such as entertainment, travel and accommodation that have massive infrastructure in place will reinvent their models with New Digital Trade Routes and gain their full 100% selling prices, while having low 20% buying prices.

Of course not all industries suit a deep discount, so a more advanced pricing will be equally used to open up supply and demand,

-  like Hollywood can have movie tickets pre-sold for cinema networks to buy in bulk ready to release to their local patrons

-  airlines can have low ticket prices ready for release at any time without stripping the profits from their revenue.

-  hotels and accommodation venues can do with full profits and full beds than to continually rely on last minute discounts.

Cloudfunding will impact global trade

The Cloud Commerce mechanisms are designed to give sellers and buyers greater incentives to trade, by the Platform holding the position of monitoring, tracking and securing ownership of the commerce exchanges between buyers and sellers, without holding the monies, it provides for a much more focused and neutral position to ensure satisfactory outcomes in trade.

Cloud Commerce disrupts trade by giving control to the seller in setting the selling prices, ( Global Price Index monitors pricing of products and services ), the main disruption comes with the Global Crowd setting the low 20% maximum buying prices using fair open competition.

This means that trade like in commodities are not subject to trading markets where investors are focused only on profits, instead having seller control allows for steady, predictive revenue with competitive incentives for buyers to continue trading.

The Platform has the Seller's Trade Exchange where traders can find new trading partners, it's where producers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can go to list and buy quantities of products and services at the low buying prices, and then release to their network of buyers.

The Seller only needs funds in their QwickPay Business account to complete the exchange before releasing deals to their network of buyers.

                            The Seller's Trade Exchange Market        QwickPic

A Localization verses Globalization will help democratize trade

In the background mechanics of the Seller Exchange is the Global Crowd, which as SMEs are forging their own business path as well.

They're part of the Crowd Power that will bring the people's vote forward to influence trade, away from markets that're influenced by a few.

Current trade routes are built around getting things manufactured somewhere where cheap Labour Market is available, the reason is purely price,

Cloud Commerce changes that by giving manufacturers in countries that are unable to compete with imports, or to export, the tools to have the Competitive Advantage over importers because of the lower buying prices they can gain all the way along their Supply Chains.

If it's lower buying prices that sends manufacturing offshore, then Cloud Commerce's sell high buy low pricing will disrupt that trade route.

Completing the economic path from seller to buyer, the Platform tracks the Productivity Value in every active location, it's this local productivity that anyone can share in a global tax collected in the commercial activity.

-  it takes Crowdsourcing to a new level with the Crowd directly supporting 'locations' and its local manufacturing industries and supply chains.

-  algorithms track productivity in real time collecting a global tax that's distributed back to the Crowd, then used to buy to complete the cycle.

Businesses have a loyalty program that they can activate which has a long-tail earning built in that begins when customers join up using a business link, Queen Bee keeps a business linked to their customers, and as the journey around the world and buys online the business will continue to earn.

Change is inevitable

To sync trade and exchanges for the future there needs to be an unencumbered and secure flow between all countries, a synergy that still needs to be able to collect all the taxes and duties countries need to have in place.

The change is more of an inevitable shift away from the industries that have controlled the flow of money exchange, while reaping a percentage just for allowing the trade to pass through its books.

Several centuries ago when the kings and hierarchy of countries asked for responsible groups to form some sort of 'shop front' to help organize their society's local trade by holding the country's money, the banking industry was formed.

It's grown into a mighty powerful industry, which now tells the kings and hierarchy how things should be done.

That initial purpose for establishing the shop front has now started to dissolve with the inter-connected world through the Internet, once a value is validated into a digital form, there's no longer any need for a shop front to have money flow through it.

No longer do people need to have some institution to physically hold their money  -  for that the kings should be pleased.

The ComTechX Industry ecosystem is evolving into a Global Trust entity, with a mandate to secure the individual Ownership of all digital cash for all global citizens, it's a self sustainable NGO system committed to monitoring all activity from a neutral position.

It may be the last bastion where an individual's identity is held for private use only, not as a value that's traded for gain in the digital era.

The inability of the Financial Systems around the world that continue to work with tools developed over decades, even centuries, struggle to control systems that are now digital  -  the Financial Systems will phase out as the Digital Financial System takes over.

Digital currency distributes the benefits, accordingly

The flow of digital cash will herald in a new global connection where individuals will benefit from productivity from around the world, a benefit that's not a distribution process as in Social Security Benefits or Retirement Systems that're directed at the population of a country,

'Digital cash moves back into local economies without burdening businesses with heavy taxes to fund systems that may fall short of achieving the goals because of the massive demographic shift that countries are foreseeing  -  reduced workforces and an increased aging population.

The productivity data is gathered in real-time and processed in sync with the digital cash used in the activity on a global scale, the volume of gains collected from the activity is then distributed down to the linked individuals in real-time in the eQconomy.

Any individual, no matter where they're located, will be able to have equal opportunity to take advantage of tools and services that'll help them build out a new lifestyle by using an ubiquitous and seamless digital value that'll become their own 'personal currency'.

-  it will allow any person to earn from these tools and services and use that value to participate seamlessly in any activity with the value automatically deducted from the individuals personal currency as they go about their daily lives.

-  it will systematically tell individuals in real-time when and how to update their personal currency, it'll be like their personal minder that helps budget and strategize their lifestyle, not by giving away personal details to corporations but by giving people the freedom to chose the lifestyle they want and ways that could influence trends.

It will change the way individuals will independently influence the corporate world in what the people want and not the corporates telling the people what they need, for corporations to challenge the people's decision will see them fail.

Digital cash has an unique independence

The Platform has already built the foundation for such a process that collects data from productive locations around the world and distributes the gained global wealth tax back to the global citizen in real-time via the digital cash currency, without hindering global or local commerce.

Digital Cash is a trading currency that forms part of the mechanics of the Digital Free Trade and Commerce platform

The gains from the productivity that's uniquely processed into digital cash is done without altering or adding to the value, it only increases the volume of the digital cash according to where the productivity took place,

-  this compares totally opposite to what currency exchanges and currency trading are designed to do with fiat currencies, which is to try and gain an advantage over other currencies, only problem is there's an industry built to service this function that's more than often out of step with the needs of the people who rely on a currency's simple function of exchange.

-  it leaves digital cash with a strong independence that doesn't inflate or deflate value to the living costs, anywhere, it does provide for a steady and sustainable growth rather than a unsustainable perpetual growth by inflating the size of economies.

-  digital cash will be the urban-rural currency, seamlessly flowing across the world in new trade routes with a common interest in supporting all global citizens on the one level, not divided by nationality.

The productivity in locations is a genuine link with real-time commercial activity and digital cash, and can't be manipulated for individual gain, it's not like share market exchanges where speculation is about the individual, than to directly spread gains to a population.

This connection between productivity and digital cash is the integral part of the Global Trust entity's manifesto to monitor global productivity along side each citizen's digital cash ownership.

Economies of scale will open new manufacturing hubs

The size of trade is unlimited in the New Digital Trade Routes, even the cost in shipping can be streamlined with the same Cloud Commerce tools to give full pricing to the transport groups and the low buying prices to the traders.

Economies of scale in Cloud Commerce can handle any size quantity of goods, it could be tonnes of grain, any sort of raw material that can be priced, or it could be 000's of manufactured products made for export - all these types of trades forge the New Digital Trade Routes.

Global prices set by Share Markets are a guide to markets but New Digital Trade Route will be influenced by true supply and demand using validated analytics that set the Global Price Index for products and services.

New Digital Trade Routes ignores the efforts of subsidies and over-protective duties by trading on a pure global level, it operates away from the distorted trade that's often termed as the Free Market and in particular Free Trade Agreements.

Unlike current global trade, Cloud Commerce does not involve credit in any exchange, all exchanges between parties are fully accountable back to a cash only system, this brings new players to the trading table, some that have never been able to compete before.

It can fast-track industries in locations that could never afford to finance development in manufacturing without major risk.

Disruption and Incentives

Incentives for sellers to get their full 100% selling prices and buyers buying at low 20% maximum prices disrupts traditional commerce, it's always been expected a seller only receive what a buyer pays ( less fees ) - all this disruption to the dynamics of trade starts with QwickBids.

Any business along the Supply Chain can use Cloud Commerce tools to sell and settle exchanges in a more timely and profitable way.

Apart from all sellers, from manufacturers to retailers being able to trade with the Cloud Commerce dynamics of 'sell high and buy low', the trust between the two parties takes a step forward with a faster more secure turn-around in trade exchanges.

Global trade between B2B or B2C can be any size, the main focus is that the exchange is equally secure for both parties.

Payment control is simplified with Pay Caddy, an easy Reminder notification informing a buyer when payment is due, it could be an invoice for a shipment or a reminder for splitting a bill, Pay Caddy is fully controlled until the buyer and seller are both satisfied of their exchange.

The P2P digital exchange of goods doesn't change the basics of trade where duties and other taxes are involved, it's still the secure exchange flows between buyers and sellers that's the key to creating the New Digital Trade Routes and help streamline global trade.

                                           - this is the RunWay we're now on, with the New P2P Economy!

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