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Cloud Commerce solves the differences between the various global country economies, and even more importantly the many people effected by those economies.

Focus is primarily to network local commerce structured on a global scale that gives Localization the way to spread benefits across the grassroots level of communities  -  Cloudfunding.

-  it takes the vast differences between someone in a low valued economy, who is usually in a developing country and someone in a high valued economy, it brings them together where they both can get the same financial benefits, and do it on a global scale.

-  it removes the financial hurdles that are holding millions and millions of people back in places where it's beyond any genuine political involvement to rectify,

-  it does it by bypassing the hurdles of inequality that're in each economy, and levels the great differences between the highest and lowest global economies in countries and regions, by using a neutral digital trading currency,

-  with Cloud Commerce, and advances in technology, those vast differences are leveled for someone with less wealth so they can get equal benefit as someone with greater wealth, regardless of where they both live.

-  this is where the D.O.M.E. is able to bring together whole communities that want to become more independent by having access to a better more active local economy.

-  this is all played out in the Global Markets with a broader and democratic consensus with DFDC  -  Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital.

Global Economies of Scale is now possible

The New Digital Economy changes how 'money' flows with Free Economic Value and Free Direct Backing.

Businesses and StartUps can get Free Direct Backing for their ventures  -  without loans or giving away equity

Cloud Commerce changes commerce by outsourcing the selling of items to the Global Crowd and collecting the aggregated full value, before it's even released at a low buying price to the seller's local buyers on the Open Market.

It makes all the effort of marketing, search engine optimizing and price comparison almost irrelevant.

Cloud Commerce is able to take a product from a seller in a high valued economy like the USA and outsource the selling of it to the world, and especially to the millions of people in low valued ( developing ) economies who can compete to temporarily buy the item, as market makers, at a vastly lower buying price that's more in parallel and closer to the low incomes in developing economies.

And it can also do it in the reverse by taking a product or service from a seller in a lower valued economy like Nigeria and 'outsource the selling' to the world Crowd.

The selling price of the product in the USA or Nigeria is set by the local economies but the buying price is set by Outsourcing it to the Crowd, before making that low buying price available to the seller's normal local buyers.

This is Price Demand where the sell high and buy low mechanics solve how sellers from any economy, can use Outsourced Selling to receive their full list prices, it's able operate completely along the Supply Chain.

The low 20% buying prices of a seller's full 100% selling price is the equalizing factor in the variations between the high and low economies around the world,

-  it starts when a seller lists an item, it's offered to the market makers from around the world who compete by bidding to find the final buyer's price ( max 20% ), once that process is completed that low buying price is then offered to the seller's local buyer when Price Demand is activated.

Unlike typical commerce that frequently uses discounting to find demand, Cloud Commerce solves the issue that leads to the seller's losing profits and causing a chain reaction through the Supply Chain

-  Cloud Commerce applies the new digital economic model of fractional cconomics to solve the damaging discount dynamics that supply and demand has adopted to find growth, without taking open competition off the table.

So the question is  -  Where does the value between the full price and the discounted price go anyway?

The Trade Routes of old will not be the same as those in the new digital era, for manufacturers and suppliers along the Supply Chain there's already been a major shift to selling online,

-  with Cloud Commerce the next step in global trade comes with the New Economy helping to form the new digital trade routes.

The New Digital Trade Routes will carve out their own routes, some will follow the old but there will be many that simply dissolve and make way for new routes to form, which will be the direct result of the disruption and change in the way global commerce applies the digital connections.

The QwickPic Platform's Cloud Commerce mechanisms are designed to give sellers and buyers greater incentives to trade, with the Platform holding the position of monitoring, tracking and securing ownership of the commerce exchanges between buyers and sellers, without holding the monies, it provides for a much more focused and neutral position to ensure satisfactory outcomes.

Wages and income are the obvious connection to evaluate between those that have more and those that have less and by having a sustainable means of closing the gap of raising the lower can go a long way to help.

The employee worker is always seen as the party that fills the gap when work needs to be done to produce some outcome, when demand is low there's a shedding of workers and when demand is high then the worker is required,

- this 'to and fro' has been around forever but breaking done the roles of the worker and the employer boss, the dynamics are just the same as any other part of commerce, the worker is the seller and the boss is the buyer.

What is able to be done is quantify the Labour Market of the worker into a sellable product that can be processed in Cloud Commerce to generate a better outcome for the worker seller and the boss buyer.

Cloud Commerce has Wage Shift to help increase wages for the employee worker and help employers Boss to reduce the cost of Labour Market.

Wage Shift Deals add a 20% wage increase to every deal won or purchased by any user, regardless of what the wage or part of the wage may be, and can reduce the Labour Market wage payment for the employer by 80%.

Wage Shift is a service that doesn't have any charges or any fees at all, it's a way to get the Crowd to bridge the gap between wages and the cost of living, and it's part of the distribution of value collected from the commerce activity!

Outsourcing Wages is part of the way Cloud Commerce functions, Labour Market is a cost in generating the inventory held in the Cloud  -  Wage Shift Deals are one of the distribution channels that pay for those costs, with a premium.

Cloud Commerce doesn't dilute any value in high or low valued economies, what it does do is it increases the volume of demand in commercial activity without harming local seller's economies that happens by discounting, instead the outsourced global buyer, wherever they're located, still gets the benefit from another economy inside their own local economy.

Cloud Commerce solves the merging of Offline to Online ( O2O ) by disrupting finance and commerce industries, it stores offline inventory value in the Cloud in the Global Inventory Value,

-  connected by a Peer 2 Peer digital currency that's autonomous and flows securely and ubiquitously for free to and from any local brick and mortar store world wide!

             - it's like every 'brick and mortar' store just became 'the new local bank'!

QwickPic Ready

Cloud Commerce changes the way selling can happen, usually a seller who wants to sell their products in today's digital world and offline world goes through the same procedure of looking for some type of advertising to spread the word, and if they happen to get sales the next step is to use a form of payment, and, each of these steps has a cost.

Instead of paying for advertising and payment processing QwickPic provides the exposure needed to sell any product or service for free and completes the payment process for free,

-  it takes selling to a new level by selling to intentional buyers, there's no gimmick of charging for bid placements to get noticed or adding a time consuming Social layer to the confusion, it's just a straight forward process of uploading images to show a product or service and the selling is done for the seller  -  by outsourcing the selling to the Crowd!

Some Internet businesses use the advertising model as a crutch to get by when the business doesn't really have a business model, making the business more of a feature service, advertising Online should be productive and free,

-  the spirit behind releasing the Internet to the world as a free market platform has been somewhat undermined by making one side ( seller ) pay so the other side ( buyer ) can play,

-  maybe this model of the seller paying was just the early stage quick-fix of releasing the Internet to the broader world before a more fair and equitable model is adopted that has better long-tail effects for economies,

-  maybe it ( ads ) only needs to be seen in specific places where users can go to when they really are looking to buy something, not be confronted with advertising littered everywhere they go on the Internet,

-  maybe advertising online should have a better decentralized way of distributing the marketing value pulled from the commercial activity to spread amongst all the players in the global economies, rather than going to centralized players.

Just because advertising is free in Cloud Commerce doesn't mean that the industry disappears!

Cloud Commerce introduces a more targeted way to advertise  -  introducing IA  -  Interactive Advertising,
-  it's the way businesses can use Media like TV, radio and newspapers with more connection with their viewers and customers, the media groups can have a more active role in getting real results in sales by earning directly from real sales, just what the business seller wants.

QwickPic is the place, where the search for the best prices on products and services happens 24/7 for buyers, the 'search is constantly being outsourced' to a global audience that has the incentive to buy,

-  it changes the must pay to be seen problem confronting sellers with search to a free commerce marketplace where search and selling is outsourced to completely bypass the costly 'ad hoc click' advertising model!

Advertising can be as accurate as dropping money into dense fog and hoping it lands in the right places, whereas QwickPic's search model of scrolling through categories of seller product images by intentional buyers bypasses the disconnection between a seller wanting to sell and wildly throwing money at advertising to find potential buyers,

-  instead Cloud Commerce separates a seller from their local buyers and seamlessly connects a seller with the Crowd for free by Outsourcing the Selling process to global buyers who have the incentive and intention to buy even though it's only temporary, before releasing the new low prices gained from competing for the deals onto the seller's local buyers,

-  this outsourcing process takes just 15 minutes after a Lead Up Time and guarantees the sellers their full selling price before the item is released to the seller's local buyers with a much better 'incentive' of lower buying prices.

QwickPic starts a unique set of backend algorithmic processes where products and services are sold temporarily, in real time, to a virtual wholesaler competing in QwickBids with the Crowd, guaranteeing not only the seller's full list price for the item but also provides the maximum 20% buying price that the seller will offer to their local buyers, buyers can be alerted or they can use QwickBuys to find what's available locally,

-  there's no major change to the seller and buyer relationship other than the seller is already guaranteed the full selling price for the item, without the risk of charge backs or fraud, or the need to discount, and the local buyers have the choice of paying just 20% of the full value for the product or service or leave it for another buyer,

There are no hidden fees that sellers pay ( or buyers ) on completing a sell with the local buyer and can either use the money in their QwickPay Business account to pay suppliers or make any type of payment, or receive the money in their cash register by using Pay It Forward, Now!, all without any fees.

-  the great thing is that it can all be repeated indefinitely with as many items that can be supplied, on a global scale!

-  while sellers concentrate on supply and customer service Cloud Commerce does the selling to their local buyers!


Cloud Commerce has an organic architecture with a more mature view of how commerce should evolve, it's where individuals have the freedom in who and where they interact without being tracked and monitored by technology, the easy path of 'pulling' information about a person's habits with their personal 'wants and needs' shouldn't be dictated by technology and central monopolies  -  Cloud Commerce allows for a more natural freedom of choice!
Cloud Commerce does what current financial and commerce industries cant do, it can provide the means to increase commercial activity in local economies by multiple times, it uses fractional economics to multiply 5X the buying power of any buyer in any commerce, while the sellers still get their full 100% Listed Prices.

In any business or industry, in any country, what effect would there be if the local commerce activity gave local buyers the ability to afford 5 times more than their current buying power, infrastructure such as power utilities, what changes and benefits could there be if the customer base only needed to pay one fifth ( 1/5 ) of any existing costs, and sellers still received their full Listed Prices

-  what Cloud Commerce does by Outsourcing Commerce to the Crowd, it gives jobs to the world!

Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?

QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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