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A Localization verses Globalization

The Digital Era Economy is Cloud based, it's scalable and autonomous, it integrates with all global currencies using a neutral digital trading cash that acts as a global trading currency to fluently process commerce activity across multiple industry verticals, which are initially processed on the Global Open Market Trade Xchange  -  GOMTX.

The New Digital Economy is digital to the extreme, it's not burdened by carrying a legacy tied to old world banking systems with physical infrastructure, nor does it carry the burden of debt from the Old Economy

The Platform has a fully autonomous SaaS architecture that's structured around Commerce and Economies, the series of functions form the ComTechX Industry  -  merging Commerce and Technology in a Cashless World

-  it adds the incentives for the Global Crowd to be involved in expanding the decentralized structure.  

-  it focuses on giving everyone the advantage of reducing their debt, by solving inequality with 'cloud based' technology.

-  it incentivizes both Supply and Demand and Sellers and Buyers to simultaneously move forward with 'win - win'.

-  Cloudfunding is able to bring real-time demand into all types of commerce with Price Demand as the incentive.

-  incentive with Free Economic Value, used as free working capital in Cloudfunding to bid for and buy products and services.

-  Buyers and Sellers have access to the future of free global commerce payments, free of fees and currency exchange costs.

-  its focus is towards local communities and economies by generating profitable productivity at local levels  -  Localization.

-  Users connect to commerce activity, somewhere  -  locations in the Global Productivity Grid share back benefits to Users.

Velocity of productivity is the new growth

This is where Outsourced Selling using Advanced Pricing changes the dynamics of commerce and gives Sellers the position of having a Comparative Advantage over their competitors, even if those competitors use heavy discounting or dynamic pricing.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change in how influence and value cross borders to stimulate local economies by the actions of local Sellers using free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  Cloudfunding does the rest.

The scale and velocity of productivity is where technology takes over the role of generating growth in economies.

The Localization verses Globalization integrates a complete series of individual commerce functions into a flowing ubiquitous economy that brings Offline and Online together

-  that flow continually reconnects to the next product or service using Free Advertising and Outsourced Selling.

-  each commerce action generates Digital Cash and Cloudfunds, both of which remain within the activity on the Platform.

-  values generated are autonomous and specific to the Digital Cash Commerce activity, within the Platform's economy.

Businesses have a new Digital Sales Division

There's now a Digital Sales Division that businesses can use that's more than just marketing, it can directly help get sales.

Sellers have a unique option in Outsourcing the Selling for their products, Sellers can also help in the bidding of their own products.

A Localization verses Globalization connects local Offline brick and mortar world with the Online digital world on a level playing field

 -  it's a paradigm shift disrupting traditional commerce by using technology and economies of scale.

Business have new channels to gain funding without the loss of equity or collateral  -  Free Direct Backing

ComTechX Industry

ComTechX is an Industry of Commerce and Technology, and it encompasses all the services associated with Commerce, this includes the founding of the new medium of exchange that takes over the role of banks in Commerce with the free digital financing of both business and consumer, regardless of where they sit along the Supply Chain, the technology includes eliminating any need for incumbents in the exchange process of final payment between the Buyers and Sellers.

The ComTechX Platform eliminates the incumbents operating in the Old Economy methods that relied upon the extraction of value from the Productivity Supply Chains, replacing it with New Economy morals that offer societies the freedom of a Cashless World.

The ComTechX Industry ecosystem is evolving into the Global Chamber of Economies entity with a mandate to secure the individual Ownership of all digital cash for all global citizens, it's a self sustainable NGO system committed to monitoring all activity from a neutral position.

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Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?

QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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