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Cloud Commerce adds the Global Crowd into the Supply Chain                                                1 / 1   next

Cloudfunding disrupts Globalization's traditional Outsourcing model with Outsourced Selling, starting at the local level of Supply Chains

Globalization in one form or another has been around since the East India Company by outsourcing the manufacturing of products in undeveloped countries using cheap Labour Market, then shipped to countries to retail at much higher prices  -  with the undeveloped countries advancing little in economic value.

Cloudfunding mechanics disrupt this type of Outsourcing to these vulnerable countries by providing the local domestic manufacturing industry in countries that usually send their manufacturing elsewhere, with a sustainable environment that competes on price against imported products outsourced to and from other locations,

Cloudfunding protects the local domestic manufacturing and retailing with Localization along new rails where Supply meets Demand with new Rules of Engagement.
New Rails of Trade

Trade by sellers and buyers is exchanged on the Sellers Exchange and productivity is displayed in the Global Productivity Grid.

Cloud Commerce gives local manufacturers, suppliers and retailers full domestic selling prices all the way along the Supply Chain, while offering buying prices as low as 20% of the Listed Selling Prices to all buyers at each stage in the Supply Chain to the end consumer.

The mechanics of Cloud Commerce can fit anywhere along the Supply Chain from early producers and manufacturers to the end retailer and local buyer with each stage providing a sell high and buy low outcome  -  with Cloudfunding bringing real-time demand into all types of commerce with Price Demand.

Cloud Commerce can give any seller normally handling bulk items, the way to sell and receive full List Prices while offering buying prices as low as 20% of their Selling Prices to their existing network of buyers, or to new markets ( with cascading buying prices ).

What happens by changing the location of manufacturing is that employment can rise in local domestic markets with fully compensated wages, while manufacturers to retailers are helped by Outsourced Selling to the Global Crowd on the GOMTX  -  Seller's Trade Xchange.

Domestic markets are protected with Cloud Commerce by the lower buying prices offered by local sellers who are usually confronted with deciding to buy cheaper imports against higher priced domestic products, if the quality of a domestic product is equal or better and at a lower price than any import, then it's a no-brainer what the outcome will be.

Cloud Commerce can be very much a part of the countries with lower Labour Market costs as any local domestic manufacturing can use the 'sell high and buy low' process in their own markets, and any imported goods can also use the sell high and buy low model  -  both ways can greatly multiply the buying power of the population and increase local productivity.

All the way along the Supply Chain, starting with the individual selling their Labour Market, Cloud Commerce gives the seller the control of the selling price and Crowd has the control of the local buying price!

For all sellers and buyers Cloud Commerce is free to use as many times and with as many items that can be supplied.

All the dynamics and levels of the Supply Chain can only work if there's an efficient economy flowing between 'supply and demand' that can provide sustainable financial growth as what the Scalable Digital Economy does!

The change of how markets will work, comes with the change in how influence and value cross borders to stimulate local economies by the actions of local Sellers using free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  Cloudfunding does the rest.


The credit and debt cycle that modern business is built around is able to be disrupted completely, if not greatly reduced, by changing the cash flow cycle with Cloud Commerce,

- the mechanism of 'credit and debt', first introduced on a large scale from the 1950s to stimulate economies has almost exhausted its time, as the 'debt' loaded on the world is now almost mathematically impossible to repay or to function efficiently, it's only kept alive by the deeper 'booms and busts'  -  explained as a necessary part of the 'business cycle',

All businesses regardless of where they sit in the Supply Chain are both buyers and sellers, Cloud Commerce gives the opportunity to sell onwards at 100% selling prices much faster by giving their buyers an incentive to buy as low as 20% maximum of the Selling Prices.

Having the incentive for a buyer to pay as low as 20% for payment on delivery, is much more beneficial for the seller than waiting for 30 to 120 days, and, certainly better for the buyer along the Supply Chain to do the same again by offering their buyers similar with buying prices as low as 20%,

-  Cloud Commerce can start or finish anywhere along the Supply Chain but still with the main focus of it flowing all the way to the end consumer.

The selling time with such an incentive has a much quicker turn-around but importantly it's on Cash Terms and not at 30 days or more delay, which is ideal to move faster to re-ordering more stock or being able to pay bills.

Short term loans, whether it's with a bank or invoice finance, it has a cost and just keeps a business inside the cycle with every other business, invoicing at 30, 60 or 90 days doesn't have to be part of a business's cash flow issues when using Cloud Commerce, and it's all free, there's no short term loans or credit needed when 'digital cash' is 'the new king'!

The Crowd has Pay It Forward, Now! to bring digital cash to life!

It means there are no credit cards, no banks, so no costs or charge backs  -  providing the unbanked the ideal Platform.


The uniqueness of introducing the Crowd into the Supply Chain is that full security and confidentiality can be constantly maintained while providing a full global scale commerce payment process for each player along the Supply Chain without any need for incumbents reducing seller profits.

Products are always held by the seller and payment for any exchange in the Supply Chain can only happen when the buyer has paid the Buying Price ( during Price Demand ) into an escrow service attached to all account holders on the Platform,

-  it will only be released along with the balance of the seller's full selling price, ( gained by outsourcing to the Crowd ), when the Collection Code is handed over by the buyer to the seller, - unless both parties are satisfied the full selling price remains in escrow until their is a satisfactory outcome or the exchange is dissolved.

The List Prices of any product or service is subject to the Global Price Index that tracks and maintains prices within ranges that are consistent with a country's domestic pricing and is constantly judged by the Crowd for price variations.

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